It is not everyday that you come across a perfume labeled ‘not a perfume’.  After all, ‘Juliette has a Gun’ is, simply speaking, a bottle of perfume. However, according to its creative founder, Romano Ricci, wearing this perfume does not only make a woman smell delightful, it empowers her. Indeed, with this in mind, it is not a perfume, it is a gun, in a metaphorical sense of the weapon of seduction.

Juliette has a Gun is a range of 13 scents, each one inspired by a characteristic of Juliette in the Shakespearean drama Romeo and Juliet.  Within the story, this strong character passes through ‘Miss Charming’ to ‘Lady Vengeance’. She is a ‘Romantica’ but at another time a ‘Mad Madame’.  At De Nimes we love this creative and edgy approach to scent and cannot get enough of ‘Juliette has a Gun’

Romano Ricci is the grandson of Robbert Ricci and great grandson of Nina Ricci, from the fashion and perfume house ‘Nina Ricci’. Using what he learned from his grandfather but determined to follow his own path, he started the production of  ‘Juliette has a Gun’ in 2006.

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