Malene Birger

“Affordable luxury with an artistic angle to contemporary classics created with love”. That is how Malene Birger, the founder of By Malene Birger describes her designs, and that is exactly what makes it perfect at De Nimes where we love clean lines. quality tailoring and beautiful details. We love each and every one of her collections, each one being as easy to wear as the next one. Each one offering timeless classic items mixed with fashion edge details that make every contemporary woman feel confident and adorable.

Each of the collections is based on timeless, quality, beautiful lines and material and warm colours. Beautiful sophisticated pieces that can be accessorised to lean to every occasion. Combine a classic dress with Avenue Sneakers for the weekend and a simple heel for the workplace.  Combine the perfectly cut trousers with a knitted jumper for a evening in or a silk blouse for an evening out.

At De Nimes we are not the only ones loving By Malene Birger. One big fan is Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. She is often spotted on official duties wearing By Malene Birger coats and dresses. Other fans include Jessica Simpson, Cheryl Cole, Olivial Palermo, Reese Witherspoon and Claudia Schiffer to name but a few.

The collection can be found at our shop in Rotterdam Hillegersberg and is also available online.

For a little inspiration, You may want to view her videos on youtube or you can view them here.

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