Malene Birger Accessories

Are you looking for Malene Birger accessory? Look no further. De Nimes have a large selection of Malene Birger accessories. Firstly, we sell Malene Birger accessories in our physical store in Rotterdam.  Secondly, We sell the accessories in our online store.

At De Nimes we have a wide and large collection of By Malene Birger where the accessory takes precedence.

Timeless Pieces.

Each elegant accessory is classic and timeless. A Birger accessory is in general one colour. Each accessory is high quality. The material used for the accessories is leather, quality cotton or wool.

A Malene Birger accessory is versatile. In addition, each elegant piece is classic and timeless. A Birger accessory is always exciting. The quality of the accessory is high. The leather used is the best quality.

Team it with a Malene Birger leather trouser or skirt.

Our collection

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