Clean Reserve Sueded Oud Perfume


Sueded oud is a creamy, reimagined approach to traditional oud fragrances. It is a discovery of natural textures, and an exploration of the fluid movement between the brighter and darker facets of fragrance.

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Clean Reserve is an eco-positive range of perfumes from the perfumery ‘Clean’. A brand with a simple concept “to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t”
Clean reserve is sustainable perfume brand where pure ingredients and the love of the environment is key. Each perfume contains ecocert* certified ingredients which are produced using solar energy.
They describe themselves in three words, Simple, Nostalgic and Conscious.
Their packaging is simple and straight forward made out of recycled materials. Their fragrances are nostalgic, warm and fuzzy notes based on non-toxic corn and aloe vera derived alcohol. Their conscious approach to production leaves no footprint on the environment.

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