Ridiculous Classic – Dock Low in Stone


Ridiculous Classic is De Nimes own brand, consisting of a range of quality knitwear and footwear for men and women. All the items are hand crafted in Italy using the finest wool blends, extra fine merino, cashmere and lambswool.

Ridiculous classic is all about timeless. These are basic pieces made to last and blend with any items in your wardrobe. Below you will find more information about this particular piece.

Ridiculous Classic can be found in our shop in Rotterdam and online. You can find the rest of the collection here. We offer world wide shipping and for our customers outside of Europe we offer tax free shopping.


Please note that due to the Corona Virus there will very likely be a delay in the delivery. We apologise for this, however as you agree in the terms and conditions, De Nimes is not responsible for delayed or lost packages.