Atelier Cologne

Colognes Absolues [pure perfumes]

It seems almost a fairytale  that the creators of the Cologne Absolue, Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Ganter, met, fell in love, decided to marry and begon the Antilier Cologne maison du parfum all within a few hours of a chance meeting in New York. A meeting which they describe as ‘destiny’.

Having worked in the perfume industry for a number of years, Sylvie dreamed of creating a range of perfumes based on the traditional ‘Eau de Cologne’. She was determined to create a unique cologne that is made from pure ingredients and is long lasting, and made entirely 100% in France. Her idea was to produce perfumes balancing citrus flavours with traditional cologne notes.

Christophe and Sylvie believe in the idea that we should not wear the same perfume every day and that we should all build up our personal ‘Perfume Wardrobe’. We should choose our perfume based on our differing daily mood, environment and tasks. Therefore they have created a vast range of colognes to suit every occasion. At De Nimes we stock a small range, with, of course the ever famous Orange Sanguine.