Jacob Cohën

Jacob Cohën is a luxury Italian denim collection. These pieces are made from the highest quality Japanese fabrics and hand crafted in the Veneto region of Italy. Thanks to this hand crafting you will never find two pairs the same. By purchasing a pair of Jacob Cohën jeans you will be investing in something unique.

At De Nimes we love brands from a traceable and responsible production line and there is no doubt that this is apparent at Jacob Cohën. Each pair of jeans comes with a tracking code which, when looked up, will list all people who worked on producing the jeans and at which stage. A confirmation that when buying Jacob Cohën jeans you are buying something produced with care, attention and love. In addition their production process is completely green. Special washing techniques means that the entire laundry process is completely free of synthetics. Something good for the environment and healthier for us.

Attention to detail is key with a pair of jeans from Jacob Cohën. The jeans are produced with silver plated buttons and a horsehair label. Each pair comes with a small pouch for maintenance, including pumice stones and thread.

At De Nimes we stock a number of models, all specially chosen to fit with our timeless quality basics. Each pair can be worn smart or casual depending on your mood and how you choose to combine it. The cuts are outstanding and improve, bending to your individual body shape, over time.