Kiro by Kim

Kiro by Kim is a unique brand featuring collections of heavy knit cardigans. Like many successful creators, the brand begun as a hobby when Kim Chen started making big scarves in bright colours that turned the heads of many.  Slowly people asked her to make one and then and she would end up knitting until deep into the night. Since those days Kiro By Kim has converted into a international renown brand, creating unique custom ordered cardigans and jackets.

Despite the uniqueness of each item, Kiro by Kim is easily recognisable. Each garment is reversible and each is constructed using different types of yarns and threads.  The knits are made to be timeless. They do not comply to any fashion or trend. They are made to be worn at any time, or all the time and last for a very long time.

As lovers of quality and timeless at De Nimes, we had to incorporate Kiro by Kim into our collection – It fits perfectly. Each garment feels good, looks good, is handmade and lasts for ever. We love it!