A fragrance combining art, science, poetry and genius

Nomenclature, pronounced noh-men-kluh-cher, is a perfume from the New York designers Karl Bradl and Carlos Quintero.
As oppose to many of the perfumes we offer at de Nimes, these perfumes are not created from natural ingredients but are scientifically constructed synthetic fragrances which create impossible smells.
Nomenclature is perfume chemistry. A combination of art, science, poetry and genious. These man made hybrids offer the most beautiful smells that we have never experienced before.

They have recently launched their new fragrance Shi_sõ which the masters describe as:
“An evolutionary interpretation of Eau de Cologne where the traditional citrus-floral-herbal tripod is replaced by green, greener, greenest.”


Karl and Carlos describe their work as follows:

“Scientists design these outstanding compounds as elegant solutions to very practical problems. For example, to find a compassionate equivalent to musk, an ecological substitute for sandalwood or a cost-efficient alternative to ambergris. I fell in love with the idea of celebrating design in fragrance chemistry.”
While Karl is driven by the urge to create beauty for beauty’s sake, Carlos’s passion is to find beautiful, practical solutions. The duo collaborated on each design element of the project, but it was Karl who led the development of the fragrances. “Because fragrances are art, not solutions!” quips Carlos.


At De Nimes we cannot get enough of Nomenclature. A manmade genius.