Tax Free Shopping

For our customers who live outside Europe we offer tax free shipping. This will be automatically calculated when you enter your shipping country at checkout. Your order will be calculated with 21% tax free. A product that is 100 euros, for example will be charged at 82.64 euros.

If you have already made an order and remain logged in, our prices will be displayed with the tax free price.  See the images below for further explanation.

Please note that we send the goods according to the trading standards of the Netherlands and your particular country. This means that De Nimes will under no circumstances send goods as ‘presents’ or ‘samples’ or by any other means to avoid import tax.

Your country may apply import tax at delivery.

For our customers within Europe the price will be displayed as follows:

For our customers outside Europe, when logged in, the price will be shown without 21% tax.

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